Questions about MidAtlantic/AgChoice Merger

Will my loan officer change?  

We expect minimal loan officer disruptions for most Horizon Farm Credit customers. If internal promotions or territory updates change your loan officer assignment, we will update you. 

Will any offices close? 

No. Your local office will continue to serve you as Horizon Farm Credit. 

Will my loan account number change? 

In a few cases, customers with duplicate loan numbers across AgChoice and MidAtlantic Associations will receive a new loan number effective July 1. If you are one of the customers impacted in this way, we will notify you. The first three digits of all Horizon loans will update to reflect the new Association on July 1. 

How will the merger impact my patronage refund?  

AgChoice and MidAtlantic are both financially strong Associations committed to the patronage model that makes Farm Credit so unique. Though we can never guarantee future patronage distributions, the Boards of both Associations are equally committed to ensuring a strong patronage program remains a great benefit to our Horizon Farm Credit members. 

Can I continue to use your online banking platform, Digital Banking?  

Yes. As we merge our systems during the first weekend of July, please continue to use Digital Banking via your current Association’s website. You may experience some intermittent delays during this time, but they will be resolved upon merger completion. Following merger weekend, you can log in to Digital Banking through this website. 

I mail my loan checks. Will the address change following the merger?

No. You will continue to mail checks to the same Texas lockbox address, but effective July 1, your checks should be made out to Horizon Farm Credit.

Can I continue to make payments over the phone?  

Yes. Through July 1, continue to contact your Association to make phone payments. After July 1, give us a call at 888.339.3334, and one of our customer care team members will assist you in paying via phone. 

For MAFC, we didn’t vote on our Board of Directors this spring. When will we vote again? 

As a cooperative, your voice matters. We will hold our annual Director election this fall, aligning with AgChoice Farm Credit’s legacy voting schedule. Watch the website and your mailbox for additional details. 

Will my Agriline checks or purchase card change?  

Agriline customers can continue using their purchase card and checks after the merger. When you re-order your checks, you can expect Farm Credit branding instead of AgChoice branding.  

Can I expect a change to my accounting officer, crop insurance agent or business consultant?  

No. You will continue working with your business management services team member following the merger. As always, if there are any team member changes because of promotion, retirement or resignation, we will update you.