How to Buy Land and Build a Home Webinar

Horizon Farm Credit recently announced a free webinar, How to Buy Land and Build a Home, on March 29 from 11AM – 12PM. Presenters include Farm Credit loan officer Kelsey Maslen and Farm Credit mortgage loan originator Denise Karanikas.

Maslen notes, “Buying land and building a home in rural areas has become a desire for many over the last year.”

“We encourage anyone planning to do so in the future, or involved in the process currently, to join our free webinar for helpful tips from our experts who work with land buying and home building every day,” adds Karanikas.

Webinar will cover the following topics:

  • Where to look to find land to purchase

  • Things to consider when buying land

  • Tips for planning your timeline

  • Tips for building your dream home

  • Things to avoid during the process

  • Farm Credit financing options

  • The approval process

Attendees can register for the webinar online. Once registered, participants will receive materials via email and can join or watch the replay when convenient.

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