Leader Advertising


Below are the guidelines which we ask you to follow for submitting a property you have for sale and want to list with us. Please review the information, if you have any further questions send an email to Katie Ward.


You must be a licensed Realtor to submit a property listing.

Please submit a separate form for each property description. The link will direct you to an online form that should only take a few minutes to complete. This makes it easy for you to submit your property and it will make it easy to comply with our guidelines.

Photos must be submitted as a .jpg attachment. If the photo is submitted in any other format it will not be included with the property description.

We cannot accept graphics/images taken from Google Maps unless written permission is provided to the editor.

For the Leader we’ll accept one listing per issue–at no charge.

We reserve the right to limit quantities.

Ads are not automatically renewed-we’d prefer new listings each issue, however, if you request a listing be repeated this will be done “as space permits” only.

All listings are published on a first-come, first serve basis.

All properties submitted must be within Horizon Farm Credit’s territory. If you are unsure of the territory, click here to see a map that will show all permissible locations.

Properties must meet Horizon Farm Credit financing regulations: farms, agricultural tracts of land, moderately priced rural homes, etc. If you are unsure please review the Horizon Farm Credit website prior to submission.

Thank you for choosing Horizon Farm Credit to advertise your property listings!

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