| Published: July 12, 2022

Embrace the Growing Season

Embrace the Growing Season

Tom Truitt, Horizon Farm Credit CEO

The summer months bring growth for us all, crops included. School is out and kids are practicing sports, working a new job, or attending camp. Families are spending quality time together, recharging on vacation and outdoors. And our cash grain crops, fruits, and vegetables are all finishing their growing season, gearing up for harvest in the weeks and months to come.

Your local Farm Credit associations are also in the midst of a significant growing season, as AgChoice Farm Credit and MidAtlantic Farm Credit merged on July 1 to form Horizon Farm Credit. I have the honor of serving as the Chief Executive Officer of this new association, and I will be the first to say that growing seasons can be challenging, but reaping those rewards at the end is what makes the effort so sweet!

Our member-owners and customers will find value in the growing knowledge and network of Horizon Farm Credit, while still maintaining the local contacts they know and trust. And, a growing team means more specialized areas of expertise for our agricultural relationship managers, ensuring you work with a lender that knows your farm business and its unique needs.

We know there have been other challenges outside of the normal growing season, like supply chain disruptions, rising gas prices, input costs, and labor shortages. Our mission remains the same here at Horizon Farm Credit – to support agriculture and our local farmers through the good times and the trying times, with consistent and reliable credit.

While you may be facing ‘growing pains’, or disruptions to your growing season, I challenge you to keep the following in mind as you embrace this moment:

  • Consult with your network for guidance
  • Take diligent notes and detailed recordkeeping
  • Don’t be afraid to innovate and try new things
  • Keep your eyes on the horizon, and work with your lender to ensure you’re prepared for what lies ahead

When growing season has ended and you look at your bountiful harvest, remember the resources and dedication it took to get there. As you’re reflecting, we encourage you to conduct an analysis on the year or season to determine what worked, what didn’t, and any opportunities for growth moving forward.

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