Country Home Loans

With a variety of country home loan packages and the flexibility to customize financing to meet your individual needs, we can help make your country living dreams come true.

After all, we are the rural lending experts. You decide the purpose and size of your property –from one to 1,000 acres or more, we can finance it.

The special nuances of rural real estate make a big difference in things like the terms you are offered. Many banks, for example, don't have expertise in appraising larger rural tracts, and may be restricted by such factors as limitations on acreage or on the type of structure (such as buildings, modular and some manufactured homes) that can qualify. Our expertise in rural real estate enables us to avoid these limitations while offering competitive rates and flexible terms.


The Farm Credit Advantage

Specializing in country living loans and financing, we offer tailored solutions for that make purchasing your dream home or constructing a new one easy.

Country Homes Loans Are Our Specialty

Our country home loan packages cover:

●    New Construction Loans: For those looking to construct their dream rural home from the ground up.
●    Purchase Loans: Tailored financing options for buying existing rural properties.
●    Refinancing Options: Competitive refinancing solutions to help you save on existing loans.
●    Land Purchase Loans: Dedicated loans for buying undeveloped rural land.


Our Rural Expertise Means Less Hassle for You

Our deep understanding of the rural property market sets us apart. We recognize the unique challenges and joys of country living, and our team is equipped with the expertise to simplify your home loan process.

By choosing Farm Credit for your country home loan you benefit from:

  • Streamlined Appraisal Process: Our familiarity with rural properties ensures a more accurate and efficient appraisal process.
  • Customized Loan Structures: Tailored loan solutions that consider the specificities of rural real estate, such as acreage and property type.
  • Guidance on Regulations: Expert advice on zoning laws, environmental regulations, and other rural property considerations.

Local, Personalized Service

We believe in a personal touch. Our local presence means we're just a call away, ready to answer your queries and provide expert guidance.

Our commitment to personalized service includes:

●    Dedicated Loan Officers: A personal loan officer assigned to you, ensuring consistent and knowledgeable service.
●    On-Demand Support: Access to our team for any questions or assistance you might need throughout the loan process.

Home being constructed

Suzanne White & Steve Blair

Hear how two of our customers made the most of Farm Credit to build their dream property.

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