Dairy Resources

Does your dairy farm need a chief financial officer or chief operating officer without the high price tag? We offer services that will help you make timely and sound business decisions.

Make wiser decisions through:

  • Dairy Profit Analyzer
  • Dairy Benchmarking for all size dairies
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Business Planning
  • Profit/management team facilitation
  • Cash flow planning

Dairy Benchmarking

Today’s dairy industry is more challenging and complex than ever.

Our two dairy benchmark programs financial and dairy records analysis for dairy producers of progressive dairy farms who want to learn more about the strengths and weaknesses of their operations and see how they compare with their peers.

An informative, regional meeting will help you interpret and understand the results in your farm report. This meeting also will review results from all participating farms, and you will receive personalized help to develop an action plan for your operation.

Dairy Profit Analyzer

Dairy producers not only need to make good decisions, they also need to make those decisions on a timely basis. Milk prices and input costs are always on the move, making it difficult to consistently make decisions that provide the right impact on profits.

Track up-to-date production and financial performance throughout the year, and make timely decisions to improve performance.

Dairy Team

Our dairy team understands day-to-day management of dairy operations, the latest techniques and technology, standard operating procedures and dairy benchmark information.

They are an added-value resource, focusing all of their time on developing the most effective financial management needs and strategies for dairy customers. Their individual knowledge and overall expertise as a dairy team is a unique offering available to Horizon customers.

Dairy Team Members Spend Extensive Time on the Following:

  • Updating their knowledge of milk market trends and dairy economics worldwide.
  • Developing a better understanding of the leading ways to improve milk production and profitability on the farm.
  • Determining the overall financial health and direction of the dairy industry so better loan packages can be offered.
  • Identifying the best methods to work with dairy farms going through difficult times or a major transition.