Forest Products

Our forest products team understands the day-to-day management of your operations, the latest techniques and technology in the industry and standard operating procedures. They are an added-value resource, focusing all of their time on developing the most effective financial management strategies for forest products customers.

Their individual knowledge and overall expertise is a unique offering. With two in-house foresters on staff, we can provide the expertise you expect and the quality service you deserve.

Our team spends extensive time each year:

  • Updating their knowledge of timber, timberland and industry trends.
  • Implementing their experience and expertise while working with various segments of the industry including: sawmills, secondary manufacturers, land clearing operations, mulch operations, landowners and pallet and energy operations.
  • Utilizing our in-house foresters who understand:
    • Woodland/forest management
    • Timber pricing
    • Timber cruising
    • Appraisals
    • Your specific loan needs
  • Participating in leadership roles in forest product associations across the state.

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