Poultry Farm Loans

Understanding the unique challenges of poultry farming, from flock management to financial oversight, forms the foundation of our poultry loan services. 

We stand apart from other lenders by prioritizing you, the farmer. Our poultry loans are designed not just to support, but to enhance your poultry operation, recognizing the hard work and dedication you put into managing every detail. This commitment to your success is our approach, ensuring our financial solutions contribute meaningfully to the growth and efficiency of your farm.

Comprehensive Poultry Farm Financing Solutions 

Securing the right financial support and loans for your poultry farm is crucial to success. Whether you're looking at the rates, terms, or managing your funds, our tailored solutions ensure that your financial needs are met with precision and foresight.


We offer fixed rate, adjustable rate, and variable rate indexed loans to meet your needs. Your dedicated relationship manager will walk you through each option and answer any questions you have to help you make the right decision.


Generally, new poultry houses are financed for up to 15 years. Land and dwellings can often be financed separately for a longer period. Payments are timed to coincide with flock movement. Do it all at the same time with one closing for construction/permanent financing.

Funds Held Account

Each payment you receive from the integrator will be deposited into this account to earn interest, automatically pay your quarterly loan payment, and serve as a backup for taxes, insurance and unexpected repairs.

Baby Chicken

Getting Started with Your Poultry Farm Loan

Securing a poultry farm loan with us is straightforward. We guide you through every step, from initial consultation to loan disbursement, ensuring a seamless and transparent process.

Our team is here to answer your questions, help you understand the options available, and craft a financing plan that aligns with your farm's objectives.


"Farm Credit is there in good times and bad. Their mission is really to finance rural America."

Jenny Rhodes, Deerefield Farms
Image of farm equipment under a blue sky

Looking to purchase or lease a new piece of equipment?

Taking care of your birds is going to require more than just a tractor, which is why we offer loans for more poultry-specific equipment, including but not limited to:

  • Attachment and Implements
  • Crusters
  • Windrowers
  • Litter pulverizers
  • Mowers
  • Box blades
  • Tillers

Get Started

Contact one of our relationship managers to find out how Farm Credit can help you with securing financing for your poultry farm operation.