Whistleblower Hotline

There are a lot of things important to us at Farm Credit: it’s important to us that we treat our customers fairly and with respect; it’s important to us that we hire and keep professional, dedicated, and talented people; it’s important to us that we hold ourselves to the highest standards of ethics and integrity.

We are very proud of our reputation as a lender that does not succumb to unethical behavior. We plan to keep that reputation, and we’ve implemented several processes to help protect it.

There are several internal venues for employees to be “whistle-blowers” if they ever see or suspect business practices that are anything less than the highest standards of integrity. Those venues have been in place for years now, and we hope that they have helped to foster a culture of zero tolerance.

We recognize that a breach of integrity may be uncovered by people other than our employees. Our customers, our vendors, and our peers may become aware of unethical business practices before we do, such as accepting kick-backs from vendors, or promising our borrowers special treatment in return for favors or monetary payment. Obviously, that behavior is not condoned, and if found, the involved employees would be immediately terminated.

To facilitate the communication of issues like those listed above, we have a tip line available to the general public. If you suspect or have seen actual wrongdoing involving Horizon, its employees, and/or our directors, you can report it anonymously through our whistleblower hotline at 1-833-220-9773 or by visiting horizonfarmcredit.ethicspoint.com.

Of course, if you ever have a complaint about Horizon Farm Credit (one that isn’t necessarily an ethical lapse), please call us at 888.339.3334. As important as ethics are to us, customer service is important as well, and we want to hear about your experience. We’re always looking to improve our service, and maintain our high standards.

Farm Credit is dedicated to helping agriculture and rural America, and doing so in an ethical and honest way. If you currently do business with us, thank you. If you don’t, we hope you will consider working with us in the future, either as a borrower or a vendor. We’re always looking to work with people who are dedicated to professional standards!