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| Published: December 08, 2022

Farm Credit Partners with Feeding Pennsylvania to Fight Hunger During the Holidays

Farm Credit Partners with Feeding Pennsylvania to Fight Hunger During the Holidays

Horizon Farm Credit partnered with Feeding Pennsylvania, a statewide network of food banks, by donating $110,000 to fight hunger during the holidays and beyond.

“As a cooperative, our Association is deeply connected to our local communities and customers,” said Tom Truitt, CEO of Horizon Farm Credit.  “Our farmers have committed their lives to feeding people; they’re producing high quality, nutritious food and are doing so more efficiently than ever,” he said. “Despite the tireless work of our farmers, too many Pennsylvanians struggle with access to fresh, local food,” Truitt continued. “We want to do all we can to further support those facing food insecurity.”

The need for monetary and food donations is typically high during the winter months, but this year, the need is expected to be especially elevated. “With the inflation rate at its highest in 40 years, many Pennsylvanians are facing impossible choices between buying food and paying for other necessities, like rent and medicine,” said Jane Clements, CEO of Feeding Pennsylvania. “And when difficult times hit, food can be the first thing people forego to make ends meet.”

Clements went on to thank Farm Credit for being attuned to the community’s needs within its service area and for its commitment to combating food insecurity. “This generous donation from Farm Credit will support Feeding PA and our member food banks in our mission to ensure that no one in Pennsylvania goes without nutritious food, especially as we head into the holiday season."   

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