| Published: January 19, 2021

Record-Breaking Patronage Distribution to Members

We recently announced a record-breaking patronage distribution of over $54 million in cash to our members this month. We returned over 73 percent of our patronage sourced income, reducing borrowers’ interest rates by almost 40 percent.

“As a member-borrower of Farm Credit, one of the most important financial benefits is sharing the profits of the association with our members through our patronage program,” says Tom Truitt, Chief Executive Officer of Horizon Farm Credit. “We are proud to distribute a record-breaking amount back to our customers this month, especially after the challenges we have all faced this past year.”

Horizon Farm Credit is a part of the national Farm Credit System. Our territory covers portions of Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and West Virginia. Farm Credit is a member-owned cooperative, comprised of associations that are able to share a portion of their annual profits with their member-borrowers. Each association determines its total income and expenses at the close of each fiscal year. Once all expenses are deducted, the net income remaining can be distributed in accordance with the association’s bylaws.

“Since 1990, we’ve distributed more than $597 million in cash to our members,” adds Brian Rosati, Chief Financial Officer of Horizon Farm Credit. “Our cooperative structure has served our borrowers for many years, and will continue to in the future.”

In 2020, Horizon Farm Credit distributed over $50.8 million in cash to its member-borrowers.

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