Are you looking to improve cash flow on your operation?  Would you like to preserve working capital on your operating line? Did you know Farm Credit has options for sale-leasebacks where the sale of an asset would be owned by Farm Credit Leasing, allowing greater cash flow up front with a lease option.


Farm Credit Leasing helps provides solutions to reduce expenses, lower taxes, access to better equipment and most importantly allow the ability to control your balance sheet for your personal needs.  As a customer of Farm Credit, you have the ability to lease almost anything for agricultural operation, hobby farm, or large commercial agri-business. There is a lease fit for all size and types of farming operations through Farm Credit Leasing.

Lease Options

We offer leases on buildings that can function for the farm or shop use or machine storage, including:

  • Pole barns
  • Horse barns
  • Modular buildings
  • Metal buildings
  • Greenhouses

Equipment leases for all types of agricultural purposes are available for:

  • Tractors
  • Irrigation
  • Solar systems
  • Planters
  • Fruit bins
  • Combines
  • Wine barrels
  • Dairy Robots

Through our “FleetPartner” division, access lease savings and services for:

  • Over the road trucks
  • Pickup trucks
  • Passenger vehicles

All leases are subject to credit approval and satisfactory documentation. Consult with your accountant or other tax advisors before proceeding with a particular lease structure. Farm Credit leasing is a wholly owned subsidiary of CoBank.

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